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Dear Busy Body Friend,

My name is Tonya Martin (formerly Tonya Ransom), CI-CPT, CEO-Mom, and I’m the creator and founder of B.U.S.Y. Body Fitness - a health and wellness company created specifically to produce guaranteed fitness results for people just like you – who are too busy, tired, and frustrated to get fit.

Let me start by saying, today was a beautiful morning. Unless you know me personally, you wouldn’t understand how profound that statement really is. I just need a moment to share.

I’ll be the first to tell you, this isn’t easy for me to write, but I believe sometimes our tears can become someone else’s medicine.

You see, back in 2007, I went through a fierce battle with depression and addiction.  I had gone through a divorce and my job in law enforcement (as a police sergeant) had become extremely stressful (that’s a HUGE understatement to protect the guilty).

There was never enough time in a day to get things done. And although I was extremely busy, it almost always seemed as if I never really accomplished anything.

I tried to take care of every thing and everyone, except “me.” And because I wasn’t getting anything accomplished (or at least as much as I thought I should), I felt I hadn’t earned the right to rest. Have you ever felt that way before?

So I just kept going and going until one day while I was sleeping, I woke up and felt as though someone was standing on my chest. I remember thinking to myself, “How can this be possible; me, having a heart attack at my age?  I’m in perfect shape.”

Shortly afterwards, I was diagnosed with my first anxiety attack. I stop caring about anything and anyone (including myself). I couldn’t focus and I was disgusted with myself. This eventually led me into an alcohol addiction, and wine was my medicine of choice.

Being in law enforcement, this was not a good combination. My mental and physical condition literally forced me to slow down. I took a leave of absence from work in order to get myself together. This was when I learned that being truly fit required much more than just a gym membership. For the first time in my life, I learned the importance of taking care of “me.” This is when God placed the B.U.S.Y. (Better Understanding a Stronger You) concept in my head and in my heart. I realized it was important not only to learn how to be physically fit, but to be emotionally, spiritually, and mentally fit as well.

I continued to teach fitness classes because that was the one thing during all my self-inflicted drama that I knew I was good at. You see, every time I saw my clients and students’ bodies changing or whenever someone told me of a lifestyle change they had made or health goal they had achieved, it made me happy and fulfilled. It made me realize I could make a difference. I knew then that I was not the depression and abuse my mind had convinced me to believe. Many members of my fitness family (my clients and students) endured this process with me as I uncovered the underlining reasons for not only my struggles, but theirs as well.

Some of those people who struggled and endured with me didn’t even know they were part of my recovery. And if it weren’t for God’s strength and their support, I probably wouldn’t be here today. They became my new extended family and friends, because in my previous life (the old Tonya), I didn’t take the time to build the kind of relationships that would provide me with motivation, encouragement, and support. My fitness family became the model for B.U.S.Y. Body Fitness. In a sense, my business is actually their business. And I am forever grateful.

If you were patient to read this far, I’m asking you, please don’t make the same mistakes I made. Contrary to what you may think, you’re NOT alone, so stop trying to do it alone. There’s no need for you to struggle on your own. I cannot describe to you in mere words what you will experience when you enroll in the B.U.S.Y. Body Boot Camp™. But I will tell you that it will be more than just a physical experience. Yes, our boot camp will change your body. But more importantly, it will change your life! I am totally committed to that with every piece of my existence, and God has surrounded me with a team of people who feel the same way.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to read our group page on Facebook. Read the testimonials on this site. Look at our video on Youtube. None of what you’ll see, hear, or read is scripted, coerced, or rehearsed. You might even recognize someone you know. I am so committed to your success that if you don’t believe our fitness program will change your life in one week, then you don't pay. And if by chance at the end of four weeks you’re still not convinced, we will still refund your money. I did everything possible to remove the risk of you having to make a decision. You have nothing to lose except the “old you” and some extra poundage.

Now I want you to fast forward to today (the day I’m writing this letter). Today was a beautiful morning. I got up and read my daily devotion; loved on and had a heart-warming conversation with my 6-year old daughter; I went to a beautiful park on the river; ran, jumped hurdles, boxed, did abdominal work and resistance training; and enjoyed all of this in the company of friends before 7 a.m.!

Soon after that, I had a healthy breakfast with my daughter; attended a business meeting; marketed my growing company; delivered twins (puppies); went to the veterinarian; had a conversation with the man I love; spent more time with my daughter; and was ready to take a nap by noon with her lying in my arms. And yet, I hadn't even been to work.

How is that possible? One word…energy!! Being a B.U.S.Y. Body is having the energy to be committed to your personal and physical fitness goals. It’s about the energy you receive by having a strong support system; about fueling your body with proper nutrition; it’s about having the energy to exercise and receiving energy from exercising. It’s energy from living a rewarding life and energy gained from your own personal growth and development.

With energy, you attract all the good you desire, rather than struggling and chasing after it, never having what it takes to obtain it. Energy comes from taking time out for you, taking such great care of yourself that you have the energy to love and help others do better and be better.

Let me help you “MAKE” time for you and “TAKE” control and "LIVE" your life (with energy)! Register now for the B.U.S.Y. Body Boot Camp™ and see how “making time” to give us just one hour a day can help you achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of. So stop just being “busy” and “Let’s Get B.U.S.Y.!”

Fit-Fully Yours,

Tonya A. Martin, CI, CPT
Your B.U.S.Y. Body Fitness Trainer

Tonya Martin has over 23 years of hard-core military, police, martial arts experience and fitness training. She received her certification as a Master Fitness Instructor with the U.S. Army. She is a Law Enforcement Certified Personal Trainer and a Premier Personal Trainer through the Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX, and maintains certifications through ISSA in Personal Training and Exercise Therapy.  She also maintains specialized Group Exercise Certifications in numerous areas including Tae Kwon Do, Cardio Kickboxing, Step Aerobics, Spin, Circuit Intervals, Pilates and Move Strong Strength Training.  Selected as a Chattanooga Times Free Press 2015 Best of the Best Finalist among personal trainers, Tonya's company, B.U.S.Y. Body Fitness, has been featured by several local media outlets, including WFTV-Channel 9, the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Live Well Magazine, the Hamilton County Herald, and Power 94.  B.U.S.Y. Body Fitness is now considered Chattanooga’s #1 Premier Group Fitness Program.


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